How I Was Able To Make Money Online And Quit My Full Time Job

How I Was Able To Make Money Online And Quit My Full Time Job

This post is all about how I was able to make money online and quit my full time job.

I really want to encourage you with my story on how I was able to escape my job and start an online business. It's hard work but it is possible if you stay focused and be consistent with taking actions.


I Felt Stuck In My Full Time Job

At the time, I worked in a shop as a welder which I absolutely hated it. I would drive 2 hours a day and have to wake up at 3:30 AM! I would get burnt and get welders flash. But it did pay well for someone just out of high school. So I stuck with it.

I started to feel a desire to do something else in life my passion was always personal training and I just wanted to help people. But I was stuck in my job.

Not having fulfilled in life, I felt stuck and like I was wasting my life away. I wanted my life to really mean something and know that I had accomplished things in my life.

I Wanted To Make A Side income doing what i loved

So I decided to do personal training on the side and make some extra money but just start going in the right direction with my life. Not to mention I wanted to do something I enjoyed. 

As time went on I started to get burnt out from working two jobs. I felt frustrated that I would never be able to leave my welding job. I didn't want to be labeled a failure in life.

I knew there had to be a better way to do personal training and make more money so I could leave my job. When I was at my welding job I would listen to podcast and YouTube videos. One day I had an ah-ha moment when I was listening to a podcast about escaping the 9-5.

I started an online business

I figured out I could start an online business by doing personal training all online! I would be able to work from home and help out so much more people than 1 on 1 personal training. This would give my life purpose and fulfillment.

So I set out to build a website. I ended up building a blog, got on social media, created an ebook, and made a course to sell.

But I realized I didn't have a lot of spare time to work on my website so I had to quit my personal training job and focus my time on my welding job and the website.

I started growing a social media following but made no sales. Then in 2012, I got married and my wife decided to help me with my business.

She quit her job and worked on the business full time while I worked at home. We started seeing a couple sales come in. But one day google changed their algorithms and we lost all our traffic.

My wife laura and I created an online workout program for women

We were both very crushed but decided to start over and keep going but in a new direction. Because I wanted to get out of my welding job and have time and financial freedom. So this time my wife decided to be the face of the business.

She decided to do 6 weeks till summer workout challenge. We had a handful of signups and after the challenge, they wanted to continue. So she ended up doing another challenge which led to her building an entire workout program for women called Toned In 20

I Left my full time job and we now have time freedom

We ended up doing so well I was able to leave my job and fully help her. I now am experiencing time freedom and I am able to spend time my with my wife.

I am now available to help anyone in need if they are in trouble or if God just needs me to minister to someone.

The best part is my wife and I will be able to stay at home and raise any kids we end up having. So I won't miss out on their lives!!

This is the lifestyle I want for you. Which is why I started this blog and my YouTube channel. To teach you what I know on how to make money online and for you quit your full time job. 

Leave me a comment below if you feel stuck in a job right now and are looking for a way to quit and start making money online doing something you love. 

Let me know the kind of job you have and your passions!

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I feel I have a moral obligation to share the things that I have learned concerning living a healthy lifestyle, internet marketing and having a strong relationship with Jesus.Over the past 10 years, as a fitness and fat loss coach, I have been helping people lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.I quit my full time job in 2015 to run my online business and have been experiencing time freedom ever since.My mission is to train and equip believers so that they can do the works of Jesus and advance the Kingdom of God.

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