About Jorden Bench

I feel I have a moral obligation to share the things that I have learned concerning living a healthy lifestyle, internet marketing and having a strong relationship with Jesus.

Over the past 10 years, as a fitness and fat loss coach, I have been helping people lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. 

I now also have the privilege to work from home. I quit my full time job in 2015 to run my online business and have been experiencing time freedom ever since.

My relationship with Jesus started in 2009 when I was in a bad car wreck. I have been following Him ever since. And that is what is driving me to do what I am doing now.

Jorden Bench

My Mission

My mission is to train and equip believers so that they can do the works of Jesus and advance the Kingdom of God.

I am tired of seeing believers struggle with their health, finances and relationship with Jesus. I want to see I mass movement of believers rise up and step into who God has called them to be so they can impact and influence the world around them. 

As followers of Jesus, we have so much potential of who God has called us to be. But because Christians struggle with their health and finances, they have a hard time focusing on others since their own problems hold them back.

I want to help fix that! Which is why I have started this website. I want to see people healthy and to be financially free so that they can focus on others and help as many people as possible.

Believers should be able to help out the homeless and the needy. We should be able to give to missions, orphanages, and other churches. Just be a blessing to others!

I have a background in the health and wellness space and in internet marketing. Which is why I feel I am able to help you! I also belong to two powerful ministries dealing with healing and deliverance. So really I just want to see people be free. Free from bondage and addiction.

My Story