Is Your Body Secretly Suffering From A Leaky Gut?

Take this quick short quiz to find out if you're suffering from the main problem missed by modern medicine. 

Over 10,000 research papers link it to symptoms like anxiety, brain fog, fatigue, acne, digestive complaints, depression, allergies, weight issues, and more...

3 Ways for You to Grow

My mission is to train and equip believers to do the works of Jesus and advance the Kingdom of God. 

But there are three main areas that I have found that hold back believers from stepping into who they are called to be...

Living a healthy lifestyle

When we have health issues going on in our body, we tend to not think of others since our problems are so real and imminent to us. It's important we take care of our bodies and live in health so we can be useful for God's Kingdom.

time and 

When we struggle financially, it is hard to be a blessing to others since we are so focused on our own finances and just try to get by. If we can live with time and financial freedom we can impact others and be a radical blessing!

Who you are in Christ

When we live defeated, oppressed, and fearful lives we are not able to fully represent Jesus. As believers we are called to be a powerful bold witness. Knowing who we are in Christ is vital in order to represent Him.

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Yes, I want Jorden to show me if I am suffering from a leaky gut - so I can start taking care of my various health issues and get control of my life.